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Un bain parfait pour bébé

Donner le bain à votre tout-petit: l'organisation

L'heure du bain est un moment de complicité entre les parents et leur bébé. Assurez-vous que vous prenez le plus grand soin de la peau délicate de votre bébé lors du bain.

Le bain des bébés - des soins tout doux pour la peau de votre bébé

Quand on baigne un nouveau-né, il y a certaines choses qu'il faut savoir pour prendre le plus grand soin de la peau délicate de votre bébé. La peau des bébés a des besoins différents de la peau des adultes et leur peau est souvent très sensible. Y penser lors de son bain est essentiel pour que votre bébé ait une peau douce et saine.

How often should you bath your baby?

Bathing your baby every day is not necessary and there is even evidence to suggest that doing so too often can leave their skin drier than before. The most important parts needing regular cleaning and attention are the face, neck, hands and nappy areas, which is often referred to as “topping and tailing”.

As long as you’re cleaning your baby’s nappy area with wipes like NIVEA Baby Soft & Cream Wipes, changing nappies regularly and clearing up any mess around the face and hands using wipes like the NIVEA Baby Fresh & Pure Wipes, bathing one to two times a week should be sufficient.

The ideal amount of water for a baby bath

Fill up the baby bath tub about half-full with warm water. It’s estimated that about 5-6 inches of water is enough to cover your baby’s shoulders and keep them warm. Make sure to hold your baby securely throughout the bath.

5 things to remember when bathing a newborn

  • Do not bathe your newborn until the umbilical cord has completely come off and the belly button is dry and fully healed
  • Make sure you have clean hands before you begin
  • When bathing newborns, use plain water with a few drops of baby oil
  • Leave the delicate areas around the eyes, ears and nose untouched
  • Use a warm towel and make sure to immediately pat dry the baby’s head to prevent heat loss

Baby skin care: Your baby’s skin deserves the best

Newborn skin requires special care: When bathing your baby, make sure to use products specially designed for use on babies. 

Why use special baby products at bath time?

A newborn baby’s skin is just one-fifth as thick as an adult’s, as it is still developing. This makes it extremely delicate and means baby baths need to be very gentle to protect this sensitive skin.

It’s recommended that newborns are bathed in water only with just a few drops of baby oil. This is to make sure their natural skin barrier remains unaffected and can develop and strengthen over the coming weeks and months without having to combat infections or skin irritation.

When a baby reaches two months old, you can start using a gentle baby wash in the bath, such as NIVEA Baby Soft Shampoo & Bath for both skin and hair. Besides cleansing the skin, the special formula will also help to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Be it cleansing or care, babies need mild products formulated specifically for their skin’s ph-value. NIVEA Baby Mild Shampoo gently soothes the scalp and hair ­– it’s alcohol free and has a skin-friendly pH-value, leaving your baby’s head and hair feeling clean and soft.

L'heure du bain - un moment de complicité

La routine du bain avant d'aller au lit doit être un moment privilégié de détente qui renforce la relation parent-enfant.